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For use when making arrows in the wild

1 sp/1


Capacity of 400 cn

5 gp/20

Backpack, explorer's

Capacity of 800 cn

10 gp/80

Backpack, waterproof

Capacity of 300 cn

30 gp/60


Required for Healing; aids 1 wound set

1 sp/1


Heavy blanket and small pillow

1 gp/50



2 sp/5*

Block and tackle

Reduces effective weight of hauled objects by 50%; requires 4x rope

5 gp/100

Boots, riding/swash-topped


5 gp/15*

Boots, plain


1 gp/10*

Bow strings, 10


1 gp/1


Burns 1 hour; sheds light in 10' radius

1 sp/1


For chipping away stone

2 gp/10

Climbing hook, hand-held

Supports 2,500 cn

5 gp/40

Cloak, long


1 gp/15*

Cloak, short


5 sp/10*

Clothes, extravagant

Tunic & pants; blouse & skirt; dress; robe; etc

50+ gp/30*

Clothes, fine

See above

20 gp/20*

Clothes, middle-class

See above

5 gp/20*

Clothes, plain

See above

5 sp/20*

Disguise kit

Includes wig, makeup, hair dye

20 gp/50

Drill, hand

For drilling through wood or metal

10 gp/30


Useful against vampires

5 sp/1

Grappling hook

Holds up to 5000 cn

25 gp/80

Gloves, heavy

Prevents rope burns, assures better grip on slippery items, protects against contact poisons and things that harm exposed skin; cannot be worn while picking pockets or removing traps

10 gp/10*

Gloves, soft

Protects against contact poisons and other things that harm exposed skin; useless against needle traps

1 gp/5*

Hammer, utility

Does 1d3 damage if used as a weapon

2 gp/10

Hat or cap


2 sp/3

Holy symbol

Needed to turn undead

25 gp/1

Holy water

Breakable glass vial

25 gp/1

Ink, vial of

Enough for 50 pages

1 gp/20

Iron spike

One spike needed per 5' climbed

1 sp/5

Iron spikes

12 spikes

1 gp/60

Journal, blank

Fifty 6"x9" pages

20 gp/30


Capacity of 250 cn

3 gp/10

Knife, utility

Does 1d3 damage if used as a weapon

1 gp/5


Burns 4 hours, 30' radius light

10 gp/30

Lantern, bullseye

Burns 4 hours, 100'x20' light cone

20 gp/30

Leather, bulk

One square foot for miscellaneous use

5 gp/30

Magnifying glass

For studying fine details and fires

3 gp/5

Map, detailed

Highly detailed map of explored territories

30 gp/10

Map, general

General trail map of explored territories

10 gp/10

Mirror, hand

Made of steel

5 gp/5

Musical instrument, stringed

Lute, mandolin, etc.

20 gp/100

Musical instrument, wind

Flute, recorder, etc

5 gp/30

Oil, ceramic flask

Does 2d6 damage or covers 10' square area, burning for 3 rounds

2 gp/10

Oil, metal flask

Prevents accidental breakage; cannot be used as missile weapon

1 gp/20


1 10"x10" leaf

1 gp/5


For warmth in cold climates

5 gp/40*


Wooden, 10' long

1 gp/100

Pot, cooking

Two-quart capacity

1 gp/50

Pouch, belt

Capacity 50 cn

5 sp/2

Quill pen

For writing

5 sp/1


Holds 20 arrows or 30 quarrels

1 gp/5

Quiver, back

Holds 50 arrows or 75 quarrels prevents wearing of knapsack

5 gp/20

Quiver, belt

Holds 10 quarrels

1 gp/3

Rations, iron

Week's supply; fresh for 2 months

15 gp/70

Rations, standard

Week's supply; fresh seven days

5 gp/200

Rope, 50' length

Supports 7500 cn; 5% chance of breakage per additional 100 cn

1 gp/50

Sack, small

Capacity 200 cn

1 gp/1

Sack, large

Capacity 600 cn

2 gp/5

Salt, 1 lb.

For preserving meat or monster parts; one pound needed per 5 lbs. of organs being preserved

10 gp/10

Scroll case, waterproof

Holds 1 map, 1 scroll, or 10 leaves of parchment

5 gp/20

Sewing kit

For repair of cloth/leather

1 gp/10



5 sp/8*

Spellbook, blank

24"x24"x6", enough for 24 spells

100 gp/200

Spellbook cover


10 gp/30

Stake, wooden


1 sp/1

Tent, 2-man

6'x4'x4', watertight

20 gp/200

Tent, 4-man

6'x6'x5', watertight

25 gp/500

Thieves' tools

Needed to pick locks, remove traps

25 gp/10

Tinder box

Flint, steel, kindling

3 gp/5


Burns 1 hour; 30' radius light

2 sp/20


6 torches

1 gp/120

Twine, 100' ball of

Supports 300 cn; 10% chance of breakage per additional 100 cn

2 sp/10

Vial, empty glass

Holds 1 pint. Enc 20 cn when full

1 gp/10


Holds 1 quart. Enc 30 cn when full

1 gp/5


For making impressions

3 sp/10


For signaling or bird calls

1 sp/5


One quart; wineskin not included

1 gp/30


To ward off lycanthropes

10 gp/1

*This is encumbrance when packed. When worn, encumbrance is 0.

Note - no matter how many missiles are placed in it, a quiver's maximum encumbrance is 10 cn, a back quiver's is 30 cn, a belt quiver's 6 cn.

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