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Area Affected


Potential Diseases


Aloysious (Ierendi)


Mau-Mau Fever*

Heavy sweating, pale skin and skin rashes; St, Co, Ch -3. Death if not cured in a month

Altan Tepes


Bugbear Typhus**

High fever, stupor alternating with delirium causing acute unpredictable berserk rages. Death if not cured in a week. Co -3. Ch -3. St +2. Highly infectious.

Black Eagle Barony

Every 1d10 years

Griffin Pox*

Yellowish skin with red pimples; high fever; Ch -4; highly contagious (25% on contact).

Black Peaks


Scum Variola

Pale skin, pustular eruptions, nausea; scummy attitude; death if nor cured in a week.

Broken Lands

Famine years

Yellow Orc Plague*

Yellowish skin, violent hiccups & coughing; brown buboes cause deadly choke within a day.

Cruth Mountains


Goblin Measles*

Small red pustules all over body. Larvae grow in the pus; death if not cured in a week.

Dwarfgate Mountains


Dumdum Fever*

Profuse drooling, runny nose/snout, gaping mouth; Intelligence -2d6 until cured. Can last a year.

Dwarven Caverns

Years of warfare

Dwarven Bronchitis*

High fever, coughing; Co -1d4; save vs. spell to avoid berserk rage at the sight of gold or gems.

Farend, Landfall

Fall & winter

Longship Pneumonia*

Coughing, loss of balance, memory and direction, sea sickness; cures itself after a month of high fever.

Five Shires

Every 1d10 years

Hin Eczema & Acne*

Large pustules on face, skin rashes and dandruff. Ugly but harmless affliction; Ch -1d6 until cured

Hardanger Range


Kobold Flu**

Coughing, loud sneezing, runny nos. St, Co, Ch -2; Dx -1d6 until cured. Can last a month.

Heldannic Territories

Every d% years

Black Plague**

Pale skin, sweat, black swollen tongue, oozing buboes; all stats -1d6. Death within 1d6 days if not cured.

Malpheggi Swamp


Troll's Cholera**

Gray-greenish skin with warts; pain, extreme weakness; St, Co -1d6. Cures itself in 1d4 days, after a violent fever.

Sind Desert

Early Fall

Glubfly Debility*

Caused by glubfly sting during mating season. In, Wi, Ch -1d4. Lasts a week. Causes madness (save vs. spell).

Soderfjord Marsh


Gnoll's Hepatitis*

Violent abdominal pain, nausea & convulsions. Co -1 per day until cured (not permanent). Can be deadly.

Soderfjord City

Every 1d10 years

Brain Rot**

Sleeping disease; victim becomes uncouth and careless; In -1 per day (permanent) until cured)

Southern Alphatia

Drought years

Purulent Cataract*

Caused by rare Alphatian dust affecting the eyes. Causes searing eye pains and blindness if not cured in a week.

Southern Ethengar

Famine years

Bubonic Catarth**

Purulent coughing affecting solely humans. Must be cured within a month to avoid choking with lung buboes.


Religious Holidays

Mummy Rot, Leprosy*

Caused by contact with old relics taken from infected graves. Rotting skin; death in a few days if not cured.

Thanegioth Isles


Dysentery, Malaria*

Fever, weakness, diarrhea; delirium for Malaria. Death in both cases if not cured in a week.

Thyatis City


Sewers Typhoid**

Violent headaches and intestinal pains; death occurs in two weeks if not cured. Madness occurs in a week.

Ylaruam Coast

Drought years

Desert Meningitis*

Loss of consciousness, headaches. Must be cured in a week to avoid death. In -1 per day (not permanent).

*1% chance of acquiring this disease per week of exposure. epidemic lasts 1d6 weeks.

**10% chance of acquiring this disease when exposed (check only once per epidemic). Epidemic lasts 1d4 months.


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