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This page contains a collection of resources for D&D. Most of them are compilations of materials published in Dragon magazine and D&D/AD&D sourcebooks, modules, etc (material from AD&D has been converted to OD&D). I will also add some original material later.

Download my random treasure generator. Last update was on 11/10/2001 - additions were made to the spell list.

Character classes for Mystara

Mystaran diseases from Trail Map 1

New equipment from Dragon #191

Dominion and castle rules, from Dragon by Bruce Heard

Magical Heraldry from dragon #199

What happens to characters after death? From Dragon #180

New weapons

New skills from various sources

The life cycles of dragons (this is based on the Dragon articles, but I altered the section on renegades and added crimson and silver dragons to the age list)

Since the groups I played with were not English speakers, I had problems playing the audio parts of Mark of Amber. For those with similiar problems, here is a transcript of MOA's CD tracks.

New spells - last updated on 11/10/2001.

The spell list above refers to many AD&D spells. These spells can be found in the following books, and can be easily converted to OD&D (I went over all the spells in these books; if you have trouble converting one of them, contact me):
cover cover cover cover cover cover cover

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