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Numerical Analysis Exercises

Assignment 1 (Semester A, 2003)
Assignment 1 solution

Assignment 2 (Semester A, 2003)
Assignment 2 solution

Assignment 3 (Semester A, 2003)
Assignment 3 solution

Useful Links

University physics department homepages

Bar Ilan University
Ben Gurion University
Hebrew University
Tel Aviv University
Weizmann Institute

Other links

Yaron's Physics Page
LibAgent - Automatic library books renewal
Circuitmaker - A program which allows you to design circuits on the computer and print or export them. Has a student version for free download here
Hyperphysics - This site contains short explanations of many different concepts in various fields of physics
World of Science - From the makers of Mathematica, this site contains summaries of many terms and phenomena in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and astronomy

MatLab Workshop Files

Session 1 Presentation
Session 2 Presentation
Session 3 Presentation
Session 4 Presentation

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